Dawn Patrol Formation Airshows

Eddy Tohikian - call sign Fast Eddy

Eddy always loved aviation; he started building model airplanes at an early age and started flying at the age of 15, first skydiving, flying gliders and finally achieving his dream of flying airplanes. Eddy is currently a flight lead with 2000 flying hours and over 800 hours of formation time.

Dan Hall - call sign Sunblock

Dan 'Sunblock' Hall grew up dreaming of flight since he was a toddler, received a BS in Aeronautics, has flown since 1985 and has 3000 hours of PIC time. Sunblock has owned a 1947 Ercoupe, a Van's RV-6A, and has a Van's RV-8 under construction. The challenges, sense of accomplishment, camaraderie and friendships made within the formation flying community make it very special. I enjoy flying with people who challenge me to be a better aviator, and I also genuinely enjoy sharing my passion for aviation with flyers and non-flyers alike. May your dreams have wings too!

Randy Ball - call sign RB

Randy Ball, 43 years USAF/ANG. Flew T-37, T-38, T-33, T-53, O-2, F-4C/D/E, RF-4C, KC-135E/R, and MQ-1 Predators. Previously the Wing Commander of the 163d Attack Wing at March ARB. Retired as a Brigadier General and the Deputy Commander of the CA Air National Guard.

Olga Sannikova - call sign Keys

Olga took her first flight lesson in high school and instantly fell in love with Aviation. She spent the following five years working towards her commercial license, financed through her other passion - teaching music. After earning her FFI Wingcard in her RV4, she has performed in airshows around the country. During the week, she flies a Citation CJ3 jet for medevac operations. Olga is a classically trained musician, holds a B.S. in Business and is a Commercial Pilot.

Dan Hammond - call sign Cowboy

Dan Hammond started flying back in 1972 while in college when the NROTC paid for his private pilot's license. He went on to graduate NROTC and fly for the US Navy for seven years. He has accumulated about 4500 hours of flight time and is certified to fly just about anything he can get his hands on - single and multi-engine piston and jet aircraft, helicopters, hang-gliders, para-gliders, and drones.

Brad Peacock - call sign Wingnut

Brad took his first airplane ride with his father in 1968. In 1978, at the age of 17, he earned his pilot's certificate. Two months later, he got his driver's license. Over the years, Brad has flown formation in several classic and experimental aircraft and chose the RV-4 as the ultimate formation machine. In 2000, Brad completed and flew his first RV-4. Brad is an FFI Wingman.

Paul Rosales - call sign Rosie

Paul Rosales, grew up in the aviation-rich Antelope Valley, California and completed his Private Pilot training in 1979. For the next 21 years, he along with wife Victoria, rented aircraft and accumulated 350 hours total time. They started building their own, custom RV-6A aircraft in 1995 with first flight in the summer of 2000. Since then, they've flown their plane 5000+ hours to 49 States in America and numerous Caribbean destinations including the Bahamas, Bonaire, Grenada, Martinique, Cayman and Virgin Islands. When not flying, Paul works as a Technical Publications Lead for Northrop Grumman and as a Substitute School Teacher in grades K-5 for the Lancaster School District. His plane is hangared in Southern California at the Rosamond Skypark, located west of Edwards AFB. Paul earned his FFI Wingman card in 2002 with 1000+ formation hours. His website is www.PaulRosales.com.

Alex Tohikian - call sign Pickels

The Dawn Patrol Commentator. He started flying in 2014 with his father at the age of three. Currently, Alex has over 300 hours of flying time in multiple types of airplanes, including Vans RV, Piper Cub, Stearman, Lockheed Electra, Sparrow T3 biplane and Cessna. His dream is to join the Air Force Academy, become a fighter pilot and join the test pilot program.